Posts from 2015-12-11

Signing off a good year...

It has become a cliché to say that the publishing industry as we’ve known it is facing an increasingly difficult time. Sales of many genres are down, and it seems to be harder than ever to interest readers in picking up and giving a new author a try. In spite of this, Writer’s Side Literary Agency has done well. We've closed over a hundred deals in the last eleven months!


Writer’s Side authors are powerhouses of talent, well evidenced by the bevy of prizes they have gathered this year. From Anees Salim’s Crossword Prize winning The Blind Lady’s Descendants to Siddhartha Gigoo’s Commonwealth Prize winning short stories A Fistful of Earth, our authors have proven time and again that ultimately there is no replacement for talent, not even in a world that’s increasingly gearing towards clickbait articles and skimming readers. A truly well told tale can still earn the recognition it deserves.


We hope to see the upward trend continue into 2016, and discover more talented writers in the months to come.


May the New Year bring you happiness and much prosperity.