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Annual Report 2016

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Newsletter, April 2016

Last year, Writer's Side reported a very successful year, with a large number of deals, and the privilege of having a number of our books and writers win prestigious, critical awards.

This year, we have crossed the number of deals cemented in 2015, in the first four months alone, an unprecedented achievement for us.

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Newsletter, February 2016

Another month has gone by and our list of authors and deals continues to grow phenomenally.  We are also close to signing up 20 new exciting projects and this should keep us on our toes at least till the end of April.

Here's the list of titles we've signed up and/or sold in the first two months of this year.

1)Arnab Ray’s Mahabharata Murders to Juggernaut Books

2)NS. Inamdar’s Rau ( translated by Vikrant Pande) to Pan Macmillan India

3)Abhay Vaidya’s Osho’s Death: The Untold Story to TBA*

4)Uttiya Bhattacharya’s Bungalee to TBA*

5)Dominic Franks’ Nautanki Diaries to Rupa and Co.

6)Rana Safvi’s Where Stones Speak II to HarperCollins India

7)Shubha Vilas Das’ Chronicles of Hanuman to TBA*

8)Arindam Mukherjee’s untitled non-fiction project to TBA*

9)Murali Menon’s untitled non-fiction project to Juggernaut Books

10)Jerry Rao’s  Gandhi: An Unlikely Management Guru to Penguin Random House

11)Nandini Sengupta’s Poisoned Heart to HarperCollins India

12)Chaitanya Charan Das’ The Mystery of Reincarnation to TBA*

13)Chaitanya Charan Das’ Becoming of a Monk To TBA*

14)Chaitanya Charan Das’ From Me To We: Reflections on Ramayana to TBA*

15)Nilesh Shrivastava and Push Deep Gupta’s Inflection: B-School Batch of 1999 Does A Career Stock Take to TBA*

16)Srijan Pal Singh’s How Will The Honest Survive: Realising Kalam’s Dream Of A Corruption Free India to TBA*

17)Sreemoyee Piu Kundu’s Cut to TBA*

18)Ranjini Rao Debnath and Ruchira Ramanujan’s Bookworms and Jellybellies to TBA*

19)Ahmad Nadeem Qazmi’s A Flock A Multitude ( translated by Raza Naeem) to TBA*

20)Ahmad Nadeem Qazmi’s Aablay ( translated by Raza Naeem) to TBA*

21)Abdullah Hussein’s Qaid ( translated by Raza Naaem) to TBA*

22)Tuhin Sinha’s untitled novel 1 to TBA*

23)Tuhin Sinha’s untitled novel 2 to TBA*

24)Tuhin Sinha’s non-fiction project to TBA*

25)Falguni Kothari’ Soul Warrior Book 1 to TBA*

26)Falguni Kotahri’s Soul Warrior Book 2  to TBA*

27)Falguni Kothari’s Soul Warrior Book 3 to TBA*

28)Madhu Tandan’s Hemis to TBA*

29)Jaideep Unudurti’s untitled non-fiction project to TBA*

30)Bhaskar Chattopadhyay’s Vidhu Raja’s Curse to TBA*

31)Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal and Varun Inamdar’s The Indian Chocolate Cookbook to TBA*

32)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 1 TBA*

33)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 2 TBA*

34)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 3 TBA*

35)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 4 TBA*

36)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 5 TBA*

37)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 6 TBA*

38)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 7 TBA*


Newsletter, January 2016

The New Year for Writer’s Side has indeed started where the pathbreaking 2015 left off. 

In just one month we are close to selling 20 new titles to major publishers. Bidding wars are underway for NS. Inamdar’s novel Rau ( translated by Vikrant Pande) on which the Bollywood film Bajirao Mastani is based, Uttiya Bhattacharya’s adventure novel Bungalee, Arnab Ray’s crime novel Mahabharata Murders, veteran investigative journalist Abhay Vaidya’s revealing book on Osho, two proposed translations of  Ahmad Nadeem Qazmi ( translated by Raza Naeem), one translation of Abdullah Hussein ( also translated by Raza Naeem) and senior Iskon Priest Shubha Vilas Das’ book on Hanuman

We are also close to accepting offers for Dominic Franks’ exhilarating travelogue Nautanki Diaries, Falguni Kothari’s Soul Warrior trilogy, two cookbooks by well-known chefs,  popular Historian Rana Safvi’s sequel to her bestselling Where Stones Speak,  Tuhin Sinha’s new novel, a very offbeat narrative non-fiction by a senior India Today journalist, novelist, translator Bhaskar Chattopadhyay’s translation of the Bengali classicDevi Choudhurani, and two other novels.   

And the trend looks set to continue, with at least eight promising submissions lined up for Feb and March. 

Signing off a good year...

It has become a cliché to say that the publishing industry as we’ve known it is facing an increasingly difficult time. Sales of many genres are down, and it seems to be harder than ever to interest readers in picking up and giving a new author a try. In spite of this, Writer’s Side Literary Agency has done well. We've closed over a hundred deals in the last eleven months!


Writer’s Side authors are powerhouses of talent, well evidenced by the bevy of prizes they have gathered this year. From Anees Salim’s Crossword Prize winning The Blind Lady’s Descendants to Siddhartha Gigoo’s Commonwealth Prize winning short stories A Fistful of Earth, our authors have proven time and again that ultimately there is no replacement for talent, not even in a world that’s increasingly gearing towards clickbait articles and skimming readers. A truly well told tale can still earn the recognition it deserves.


We hope to see the upward trend continue into 2016, and discover more talented writers in the months to come.


May the New Year bring you happiness and much prosperity.

WS Fellowship at the Sangam House!

We are delighted to announce the Writer's Side fellowship that will support a first-time non-fiction writer from South Asia. Sangam House will award  the fellowship to one of this year's applicants for the winter session.

Sangam House is an international writers' residency program located in India which brings together writers from across the world to live and work among their peers in a safe, supportive and nurturing space. (Read more about Sangam here)

Half-year Update (2015)

It’s been a good year for Writer’s Side so far. We’ve placed 100+ books with various publishers, with a few more in the works, and that means that WS retains its position as the top literary agency in India and by far the best performing one in South Asia. What makes this achievement sweeter is the fact that we managed to land quite a few multi-book deals. Now as anyone who’s ever written a book will tell you, the first one’s easy – it’s always the second one that needs selling!

Our deals so far this year:

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Welcome to WS Blog!

Back when we first started Writer's Side, I never imagined the flood of submissions that would hit our inbox. It's quite a task mining for diamonds; it's even more difficult when you come across a manuscript that's almost there but not quite, and you have to make a tough call. As an agent, I've felt the pain of rejection and the joy of acceptance as much as the author I've represented.

This blog - a weekly indulgence for now - is perhaps a reflection of the fact that the writing scene in India is getting even hotter. There are twice as many books coming out in a fortnight as used to be released in a month, and this is excluding the foreign authors who've always found a ready-to-read market in India. Indian writing is no longer a copy of the West, and the range of topics that you now see on the shelves (or getting ready to go on them) is unbelievable.

This blog will be an attempt to make sense out of these 'chaos'. News, rumours, updates... deals and trends... tips on presenting your manuscript the right way... questions, and maybe a few answers from some of the emerging authors of the day... If it's got something to do with publishing, we will probably share our $0.02 on it - and feel free to add your two to the mix too!

So once again, welcome to the Writer's Side website's newest feature, this blog, and happy reading!