Another month has gone by and our list of authors and deals continues to grow phenomenally.  We are also close to signing up 20 new exciting projects and this should keep us on our toes at least till the end of April.

Here's the list of titles we've signed up and/or sold in the first two months of this year.

1)Arnab Ray’s Mahabharata Murders to Juggernaut Books

2)NS. Inamdar’s Rau ( translated by Vikrant Pande) to Pan Macmillan India

3)Abhay Vaidya’s Osho’s Death: The Untold Story to TBA*

4)Uttiya Bhattacharya’s Bungalee to TBA*

5)Dominic Franks’ Nautanki Diaries to Rupa and Co.

6)Rana Safvi’s Where Stones Speak II to HarperCollins India

7)Shubha Vilas Das’ Chronicles of Hanuman to TBA*

8)Arindam Mukherjee’s untitled non-fiction project to TBA*

9)Murali Menon’s untitled non-fiction project to Juggernaut Books

10)Jerry Rao’s  Gandhi: An Unlikely Management Guru to Penguin Random House

11)Nandini Sengupta’s Poisoned Heart to HarperCollins India

12)Chaitanya Charan Das’ The Mystery of Reincarnation to TBA*

13)Chaitanya Charan Das’ Becoming of a Monk To TBA*

14)Chaitanya Charan Das’ From Me To We: Reflections on Ramayana to TBA*

15)Nilesh Shrivastava and Push Deep Gupta’s Inflection: B-School Batch of 1999 Does A Career Stock Take to TBA*

16)Srijan Pal Singh’s How Will The Honest Survive: Realising Kalam’s Dream Of A Corruption Free India to TBA*

17)Sreemoyee Piu Kundu’s Cut to TBA*

18)Ranjini Rao Debnath and Ruchira Ramanujan’s Bookworms and Jellybellies to TBA*

19)Ahmad Nadeem Qazmi’s A Flock A Multitude ( translated by Raza Naeem) to TBA*

20)Ahmad Nadeem Qazmi’s Aablay ( translated by Raza Naeem) to TBA*

21)Abdullah Hussein’s Qaid ( translated by Raza Naaem) to TBA*

22)Tuhin Sinha’s untitled novel 1 to TBA*

23)Tuhin Sinha’s untitled novel 2 to TBA*

24)Tuhin Sinha’s non-fiction project to TBA*

25)Falguni Kothari’ Soul Warrior Book 1 to TBA*

26)Falguni Kotahri’s Soul Warrior Book 2  to TBA*

27)Falguni Kothari’s Soul Warrior Book 3 to TBA*

28)Madhu Tandan’s Hemis to TBA*

29)Jaideep Unudurti’s untitled non-fiction project to TBA*

30)Bhaskar Chattopadhyay’s Vidhu Raja’s Curse to TBA*

31)Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal and Varun Inamdar’s The Indian Chocolate Cookbook to TBA*

32)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 1 TBA*

33)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 2 TBA*

34)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 3 TBA*

35)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 4 TBA*

36)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 5 TBA*

37)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 6 TBA*

38)Arefa Tehsin children’s series Book 7 TBA*