The New Year for Writer’s Side has indeed started where the pathbreaking 2015 left off. 

In just one month we are close to selling 20 new titles to major publishers. Bidding wars are underway for NS. Inamdar’s novel Rau ( translated by Vikrant Pande) on which the Bollywood film Bajirao Mastani is based, Uttiya Bhattacharya’s adventure novel Bungalee, Arnab Ray’s crime novel Mahabharata Murders, veteran investigative journalist Abhay Vaidya’s revealing book on Osho, two proposed translations of  Ahmad Nadeem Qazmi ( translated by Raza Naeem), one translation of Abdullah Hussein ( also translated by Raza Naeem) and senior Iskon Priest Shubha Vilas Das’ book on Hanuman

We are also close to accepting offers for Dominic Franks’ exhilarating travelogue Nautanki Diaries, Falguni Kothari’s Soul Warrior trilogy, two cookbooks by well-known chefs,  popular Historian Rana Safvi’s sequel to her bestselling Where Stones Speak,  Tuhin Sinha’s new novel, a very offbeat narrative non-fiction by a senior India Today journalist, novelist, translator Bhaskar Chattopadhyay’s translation of the Bengali classicDevi Choudhurani, and two other novels.   

And the trend looks set to continue, with at least eight promising submissions lined up for Feb and March.