We're delighted to announce the sale of Priyanka Nandy's The Devotion of Ghosts: The Best of Bengali Speculative Fiction to Rupa and Co.


Right from the time of the Raj, Calcutta has seen the publication of stories and novels that belong to the realm of thrill, mystery and speculation. Initially, these narratives chronicled bloody-minded dacoits, vengeful deities, and ghostly apparitions of diverse kinds.

Gradually, however, criminals became far more sophisticated than the thugs and dacoits of yore, and the electrically-bright twentieth century made ghosts and their variants – the petni, the shakchunni, the brohmodoittyo, the kobondho or skondhokata – a lot less believable to contemporary readers. Popular speculative writing reflected these changes, moving from well-defined and often corporeal ghosts to the intangible ‘supernatural’, from vengeful gods to rogue scientists, and from tales of thuggies to modern detective fiction.

In this anthology, we have tried to bring together, for a wider audience, some of the more outstanding works of this body of writing.